About Us

www.penarabia.com is the first, exclusive website of its kind in the Middle East dedicated to aficionados of pens and fine writing instruments, pen connoisseurs, pen collectors and industry professionals comprising manufacturers, marketers & retailers. Calligraphy has long constituted an important and traditional component of the Middle East & Arab culture and the region is renowned for its beautifully composed Arabic calligraphy.

The website is not restricted by geography and endeavours to attract pen aficionados from around the globe. In synchrony with its namesake twice a year publication, it seeks to integrate the pen-loving community into a lively forum for disseminating timely, topical business information, corporate and market news reports, product innovation and new product launches and an animated medium for exchanging ideas, plainly communicating thoughts or even indulging in trade-offs.

The pen culture has been steadily consolidating in the Middle East over the past decade and the region has witnessed great strides in the development of pen sales for exclusive, international, premium, brand names. There is renewed interest in the pen industry in all quarters as evidenced by the entry of well-established international brands and other premium brand names in the affluent Gulf and Middle East markets.

At www.penarabia.com we are committed to bonding all constituents of the trade and pen collectors with a superior, well-edited and elegantly designed website that echoes the heartbeat of the industry. The site offers a bouquet of dedicated services that include:

  • Customized & tailor-made for the pen industry: A comprehensive and constantly updated informative and interactive website that keeps readers and browsers updated on the latest developments in the pens and allied accessories industries
  • Exhaustive Coverage on a perpetual basis: The website covers a whole gamut of issues from the history and evolution of classic vintage pens, reviewing current available pens, new pen introductions, industry concerns, pen reviews and corporate and market reports. All this information and editorial input is available virtually uninterrupted on a continuous 24 X 7 X 365 basis.
  • Views, reviews and interviews: The website will carry timely interviews with industry insiders, prominent pen collectors in the Middle East and periodically review new pen introductions.
  • Incorporating Pen Middle East Magazine: The entire editorial content of Pen Middle East can now be accessed on the website.
  • Interactive Blog: Importantly, it provides a forum for pen connoisseurs to be posted on new developments, swap ideas, comment on any related subject and even buy, sell and exchange pens and allied collectibles through the website.
  • Pen & Exhibition Update: Readers will be informed of regional and international pen exhibitions
  • Overseeing the Press: Monitoring of the regional and local press with highlights on news relating to the Pen and associated accessories Industry.

www.penarabia.com was conceived to fill the vacuum and absence of a website that represents the industry’s pulse and reports on international and regional developments.

The matchless editorial standards are continually maintained by a dedicated editorial team that is knowledgeable, experienced and very professional. Regularly interviews are conducted with trade professionals in the know, with die-hard collectors on their largesse or with designers on their latest innovations.

It is definitely one website not to be written off!