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Pen Middle East (Pen ME) is the first, exclusive title of its kind in the region dedicated to pen collectors, industry professionals comprising manufacturers, marketers & retailers and aficionados of pens and fine writing instruments. Calligraphy has long constituted an important and traditional component of the Middle East & Arab culture and the region is renowned for its beautifully composed Arabic calligraphy.

The pen occupies a place of pride among the local populace. It is not uncommon to find, particularly among males, a pen clipped neatly on the customary male attire. The instrument is a distinguishing feature for the Arab gentleman and holds a place of pride, particularly in his business dealings.

The pen culture has been steadily consolidating in the Middle East over the past decade and the region has witnessed great strides in the development of pen sales for exclusive, international, premium, brand names.

Pen ME endeavours and is committed to bonding all constituents of the trade and pen collectors with a superior, well-edited and superbly-produced publication that echoes the heartbeat of the industry. This quarterly magazine covers a whole gamut of issues from the history and evolution of classic vintage pens, reviewing currently available pens, new pen introductions, industry concerns and provides an informal exchange forum for pen connoisseurs to learn of new developments, exchange ideas or comment on any related subject.

Pen ME was conceived to fill the vacuum and absence of a trade title that represents the industry’s pulse and reports on international and regional developments. As a pioneering publication from the MPParabia stable, Pen ME is both a torch and standard bearer for this industry’s publishing standards in the Middle East. Published in Arabic, the lingua franca of the region, the title is well-regarded in industry circles as well as among the pen loving fraternity.

The matchless editorial standards are continually maintained by a dedicated editorial team that is knowledgeable, experienced and very professional. Regularly interviews are conducted with trade professionals in the know, with die-hard collectors on their largesse or with designers on their latest innovations.

It is definitely one publication not to be written off!